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Mattress Types

Selecting the ideal bed that best fits your individual needs involves a basic understanding of various construction materials and manufacturing techniques. These include innerspring latex, memory foam, and pillow top – among many others.

Below is a listing of several common mattress types available on today’s market:

Innerspring Mattresses

As a long-standing leading mattress product that boasts an 80-percent market share, integrated spring coils distinguish beds of innerspring mattresses.

Specialized upholstery surrounding these inner structures provides outstanding orthopedic support that yields the amazing comfort that made these mattresses famous. Our Innerspring Mattress Guide gives a great overview of interior components and instructions on how to distinguish between various brands of this fantastic bedding alternative.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Despite being a relatively recent bedding invention, memory foam mattresses have gained rapid popularity since the mid-1990s. A unique capacity of progressive conformity to your individual body form yields unprecedented comfort facilitated by an incredible feeling of “flowing” with the mattress as it gradually grips and hugs your body in all the right places.

Residual impressions of your personal body contours that remain long after your reawakening serve as mute testimony to  tremendous memory foam mattress advantages. For further delightful details, see our special Guide to Memory Foam Mattresses that includes an innerspring /memory foam mattress comparison.

Latex Mattresses

Recent resurgence of latex mattresses portends them to be the mattress industry’s imminent “main attraction.” Latex provides an overall level of all-over bodily support and durability comparable to memory foam counterparts.  More rapid structural recovery and less restricted mobility combined with a “cooler” surface feel comprise the main benefits of latex mattresses over other alternatives. Our Guide to Latex Mattresses features in-depth details about various latex mattress formats.

Air Mattresses

Although bearing a close resemblance to innerspring mattresses, contemporary air beds contain compressed air instead of coils. No longer limited to occasional house guest or holiday use, air bedding mattresses may be adjusted to any level of firmness or varying degrees of stiffness on different sides of the mattress. More basic formats of air mattresses make for easy storage and portability. Read our online Guide to Air Mattress to learn the latest trends in high-end air mattresses.


Despite a decline of aquatic-based bedding since the 1970s decade, waterbeds have retained a solid base of die-hard loyalists. An inner content comprised solely of liquid matter has been the distinctive feature that made waterbeds famous, of course. Modern waterbed models known as “hybrids” feature immense improvements that closely mimic the padded comfort of an innerspring mattress that retain all beneficial aspects of H20-filled bedding, however.

These innovations constitute the bedding industry’s collective answer to disadvantages associated with yesteryear’s waterbeds.  See our Guide to Waterbeds for further details about the definite advantages and evolutionary history of this bedding alternative.

Adjustable Beds

An ability to “go with the flow” by accommodating any unique posture or desired position characterizes adjustable beds. Such attributes make adjustable mattresses very popular among those with back problems or users who merely want to be able to sit up in bed. As a category rather than construction material, adjustable beds feature a vast array of construction materials. These include latex, memory foam, innerspring coils, and various combinations thereof. Our Guide to Adjustable Beds contains offers additional insights into the many features and variations of flexible bedding options.

Dual-Purpose Mattresses

Futons and sofa beds are two major dual-purpose bedding formats. Near-instantaneous capacity to convert from a supportive sitting platform to comfortable sleeping surface constitutes their common overriding benefit.  Durable frames of flexible construction facilitate the astounding collapse-and-folding feats of dual-purpose mattresses. Purchase the particular metallic accompaniments recommended for specific dual-purpose bedding models to ensure the best overall fit for maximum comfort and device longevity.

Bedding comfort bottom line

The foregoing discussion of Innerspring Mattresses, Memory Foam Mattresses, Latex Mattresses, Air Mattresses, etc. readily reveals optimal bedding option selection entails far more than meets the eye. Adequate advance research and  comparison shopping are the best line of defense that help consumers watch their backs when contemplating which mattress to buy.